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I grew up in West-Berlin, Germany where I spent a pleasant and sheltered childhood. As I got older I became more aware of the restrictive nature of the divided the city of Berlin. The East-West conflict had an enormous impact on me as some members of our family were fleeing to the West.

In 1963 I moved to the Boston area of the United States where I experienced a new personal freedom. I took classes at Harvard University and traveled all over the country. I studied at the De Cordova Museum School, Massachusetts College of Art as well as the Art Institute of Boston. Soon after I rented a studio space in Concord with other artists working there. That was followed by exhibiting my paintings in Massachusetts, Soho, New York City, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Colorado, Mexico and Germany.

In 1994 I moved from Boston to the San Diego area where I presently reside. Living here my color pallet has become brighter and more cheerful,  bolder still as I visit Mexico frequently. Having grown up in the chaos of the Cold War, my work continues to have psychological associations to the event. Now I focus more on the human journey, where it takes me, passion, life and death, and at times I even explore spirituality.